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Should I Consider A Rescue Dog?

Making the decision to welcome a dog into the family is never an easy one… You think it through, chat with family and friends and consider what impact a new addition will make on your life. Can you provide exercise, routine, stability and of course give the correct care to the dog? If the answer […]

National Microchipping Month

Why should I have my pet microchipped? As June is National Microchipping Month, we thought it would be a great opportunity to remind pet owners about the importance of having your pet microchipped. Microchipping is mandatory for dogs in the UK, but there are still a huge number of pets which are not currently chipped, […]

Respect The Lead on The Kaye Adams Programme

I am pleased to report that support for the Respect The Lead campaign continues to grow, and we are managing to spread the word far and wide about this important issue. The original Facebook post has been shared thousands of times and has now been seen by over half a million people! Not only that, […]

International Declaration of Responsibilities to Cats

About The Declaration As you may have seen recently on my Facebook page, I am proud to support the International Declaration of Responsibilities to Cats. Whilst there are millions of dedicated cat owners and feline professionals like myself who care deeply for the welfare of cats, sadly life can be tough for many cats all […]

Advice For Countryside Dog Walking

As the weather starts to get warmer, more and more dog owners will be heading further afield whilst out walking their dogs. For many owners, nothing beats a countryside walk with a canine companion, but there are a few things which are worth keeping in mind whilst trekking off the beaten path. Look Out For […]

Which Plants Are Dangerous For Cats?

Whilst many people love to have fresh cut flowers and pot plants in their homes, or spend time outdoors gardening, it’s important to remember that some plants can be toxic or harmful to your pet cat. The Main Culprits There are a few plants which are known by many cat owners to be poisonous for […]

Respect The Lead Campaign Update

Showing Respect Having recently launched the Respect The Lead campaign, I have been overwhelmed with the level of support I have received from fellow dog owners! The initial launch post on Facebook has been shared thousands of times worldwide, and so many people have posted their personal stories about why the campaign is important to […]

Q&A with Mark Bridger, local dog behaviourist

Mark Bridger is a local dog behaviourist and trainer who prides himself in offering to help people build a better, positive, and force-free relationship with their dogs. He has helped many dogs and owners alike throughout his years of dedication to the subject. He works tirelessly to offer his services all over the world, whether […]

Respect The Lead Campaign Launch

I am pleased to announce the launch of my Respect The Lead Campaign! The aim of the campaign is to spread the word about how to let your dog interact with others in a happy and safe way, and help raise awareness that dogs are often kept on a lead for good reason. Unfortunately, many […]

How Do Pet Microchips Work?

The importance of a microchip All responsible pet owners know the importance of microchipping and in the case of dogs, it is now the law that they are microchipped. Sadly, there are still a huge number of pets which have not been microchipped, and RSPCA statistics showed 87% of cats taken into care in 2017 […]

The National Cat Awards 2018 – Nominations Now Open!

Enter your cat for a prestigious award! Now entering its 10th year, the annual National Cat Awards are always a fantastic event in every feline lover’s calendar. The awards, organised by feline charity Cat’s Protection, celebrate the incredible difference which a cat can make to the lives of their owner. Owners have until noon on […]

Car travel with a cat

Generally speaking, cats do not like travelling by car. But there are times when taking them out is a must, and whether you are moving house or just making a routine trip to the vet, there are some key things to keep in mind. As I explained in a recent blog post about travelling with […]

Tips for walking elderly dogs

Even elderly dogs need regular exercise It is well known that dogs age at different rates, and life expectancy can vary greatly depending on the size of your dog and their specific breed. Whilst even elderly dogs need regular exercise, there are several things to take into consideration when taking a senior for a walk. […]

Should you restrain your dog whilst in the car?

Car safety Whilst out on the road, it is not uncommon to see a dog happily travelling along with their head out the window of a car, tongue wagging in the wind. But what many may not realise is that if your dog is not properly restrained whilst you are driving, then you are putting […]

I think we would like to get a cat…

Shall we get a cat? In recent years the cat has overtaken the dog in being the most popular pet in the UK. There is an estimated 11 million cats living in our households……so why the sudden surge in cat ownership? It is well documented that dogs need that little bit more when it comes […]

How to choose the best toy for your cat

With Christmas just around the corner, you may be thinking of getting your feline friend something of their own to play with on Christmas morning. But when it comes to choosing the right toy for your cat, what things should you take into consideration? First and foremost, any toy which you buy for your cat […]

A Quick Guide To Dog Food Ingredients

We all want the best for our pets. And with dogs we know that this means regular exercise, a happy environment, and a healthy diet. But with so much choice available, it can be tough to know exactly what is best for your dog when it comes to buying them food. Fortunately, the team at […]

How old is my dog in human years?

The seven year myth Understandably, many dog owners often wonder how old their dog would be if they aged at the same rate as a human. Are they still in their teenage years? Perhaps they are middle-aged? Or are they already an O.A.P? A very common myth is that one dog year is equal to […]

Remember, remember your pets this fifth of November!

Fireworks fears As I have written about on this blog before, the fireworks season around October and November can be extremely stressful for pets. Much as we may enjoy the spectacular fireworks displays, the flashes and bangs can cause a huge amount of anxiety for a confused pet. With fireworks night just around the corner, […]

How to tell if a cat is stray or feral

What’s the difference between stray and feral cats? According to recent figures, 44% of UK households are home to at least one pet. And with around 8 million of those pets being felines, most of us are used to seeing domestic cats out and about in the local area. But every so often a cat […]

Why should I get my cat neutered?

The importance of having your cat neutered With cats being natural explorers, they will inevitably meet other local cats whilst out and about. And with cats being such effective breeders, most responsible cat owners know the importance of neutering. But beyond having to deal with an unexpected litter of kittens, there are actually several more […]

How to help your cat feel more at home

Is your cat stressed at home? There are many reasons that a cat’s living space can lead them to feel stressed. Perhaps they are a rescue cat, or you have moved home recently. Maybe you have had a change of routine, or have a new addition to the family. It can also be the case […]

The National Cat Awards 2017 Winners

The winners of this year’s National Cat Awards have been announced! The awards, held by feline charity Cats Protection, take place annually and feature multiple categories including Outstanding Rescue Cat, Hero Cat, Most Caring Cat, and Furr-ever Friends. This year’s overall winner was eight-year-old black and white cat, Genie. Genie was chosen for helping her […]

Oh no not fleas…….AGAIN!!

Now the Autumn weather has finally set in I am sure like myself many have turned on their central heating. However with central heating comes the problem that so many of us pet owners hate…… fleas !! Did you know that the fleas on your pet represent only about 5% of the flea population. The […]

Firework fear – Prepare Early

Firework fear – it may be more common than you think! As much as we enjoy watching fireworks and screaming at the loud bangs that follow sadly for many this can mean a time of upset and anxiety. In some areas firework night is not just a one-night affair anymore, it can start a few […]

Arthritis in cats

Recent studies have indicated that over 90% of cats suffer with arthritis in their later years, I personally wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t higher. We spend lots of time with our dogs and so start to notice them slowing down on walks, becoming stiff when they stand after a rest, but what about our […]

Signs of Feline Diabetes

Sadly, diabetes in cats is becoming more common with the rise in feline obesity. Be sure to look out for the following signs:     If you are worried about your pet’s behaviour, then get in touch today to see how I can help.  

Britain’s Favourite Dog Breeds

As you can imagine in my job I see a lot of dogs of all shapes and sizes, colours and breeds. I am often asked ‘What is your favourite breed of dog?’ This I always find a hard one as I suppose its a bit like that cliche of ‘what shall we name our children?’ […]

My dog doesn’t like to be left!

One of the most common behaviour issues that dog owners seek help for is separation anxiety problems. When working in veterinary practice we are often told by an anxious owner that their dog doesn’t like to be left and its then quite obvious once the dog is taken away from the owner. However there are […]

I think my cat is drinking more…..What could this mean?

If only our cats could speak and tell us when they are not feeling well, it would make diagnosing health problems a lot easier. Sadly as this is not the case we have to be vigilant towards our cats behaviour, whats normal and when they may be showing us signals that things might not be […]

Pets are good for the whole family

The UK is known for being a nation of animal lovers and so it is not surprising that a 2015 Pet Population Report estimated almost half of UK households own a pet giving a total of approximately 58 million pets. I feel that owning a pet (or in my case plural , 3 x cats […]

Think Cat at Christmas

Christmas is an exciting time for young and old, who embrace all the celebrations and family gatherings, however for our feline friends it can be a very stressful time. Incidents of cystitis can be very common at this festive period as cats find it hard to adapt to all of the changes that await. There […]

Are my dogs nails too long??

What happens if your nails are too long? Do they catch on things or worse still rip off?? This is what can happen if your dogs nails are too long and can be extremely sore if they are unlucky enough to rip one off. There is no one size fits all rule to dogs nails […]

Don’t get the itch this winter !

With Autumn just around the corner more of us are taking the plunge and turning on our central heating. However, with central heating comes the problem that so many of us pet owners fear…… fleas !! Did you know that the fleas on your pet  represent only about 5% of the flea population. The other […]

New Microchip Law

Did you know that on April 6th 2016 it will be LAW that all dogs in the UK will have to be microchipped. It will also be a legal requirement that all details are correct and kept up to date. Failure to do so may incur a fine of up to £500. Breeders will have […]