How to help your cat feel more at home

Is your cat stressed at home?

There are many reasons that a cat’s living space can lead them to feel stressed.

Perhaps they are a rescue cat, or you have moved home recently. Maybe you have had a change of routine, or have a new addition to the family. It can also be the case be that your cat’s stressed behaviour seems completely unexplained.

Cat Stressed At Home Black And WhiteThere are also many different signs that your cat may be suffering with stress. They could be urinating outside of their litter box, over-grooming, or a have a decline in appetite.

Some symptoms of stress can be particularly distressing for owners, including aggression towards people or other animals, or isolating themselves away completely.

Living environment is key

One of the key factors in helping your cat feel less stressed is their home environment. Many cat’s may share the similar needs; a space to call their own, a high spot to survey their territory, somewhere they feel safe eating and drinking. But getting things just right can be a tricky business.

Cats are inherently territorial, and often just making sure that they have their specific needs catered for in your home can make all the difference.

If you aren’t sure exactly what changes you need to make to alleviate your Cat’s stress, then you are in the right place! I can offer individual advise based on the specific needs of your pet. This can include visiting you at home to see exactly what issues you are having, and providing a written report and action plan.

Feel free to get in touch today and we can talk about what I can do to help.