Terms and Conditions

Important Information For The Friendly Pet Nurse

1. The commencement of any services offered by The Friendly Pet Nurse means that these terms have been read, understood and accepted by the pet owner.

2. The pet owner is responsible for the actions of their pet/s at all times and must ensure that they are appropriately insured for such actions.

3. I may make any decisions regarding the health of your pet/s, providing it is acting in the best interest of the pet/s and is on the advice of a qualified veterinary practitioner.

4. Should a pet demonstrate aggressive behaviour, or if it becomes uncontrollable or a nuisance beyond a reasonable level, the owner agrees that the pet will be placed elsewhere until they return.
If it is deemed necessary, the pet may be put into a traditional boarding establishment with the costs the liability of the owner.

5. On booking in for cat sitting, you will be asked to fill out a form outlining the cat’s normal routine and requirements and this will be adhered to. Contact details are also required and I ask that you get in contact on your arrival home to ensure the pet/s are not alone.

6. Details of your own veterinary surgeon will also be required and you should inform them that you are away should your pet require any veterinary attention.

7. I am always fully insured when visiting your home.

8. Settlement is required within 14 days by either cash/cheque/bank transfer/paypal

9. The Friendly Pet Nurse cannot diagnose or treat your animal as these are services that require a veterinary surgeon

10. Your data is stored as per our Privacy Policy