Britain’s Favourite Dog Breeds

As you can imagine in my job I see a lot of dogs of all shapes and sizes, colours and breeds. I am often asked ‘What is your favourite breed of dog?’ This I always find a hard one as I suppose its a bit like that cliche of ‘what shall we name our children?’ and then each suggestion can carry a memory from your childhood. I guess the same happens with my profession. So if I had to choose a pedigree it would either be a Bernese Mountain Dog or a German Wire Haired Pointer.

So people always ask me ‘What breed of dog do I have?’. Well this is where I sit on the fence, my favourite breed is a mixed breed, mongrel, heinz 57 or whatever you so wish to call them. Since owning a dog as an adult (I’m now on my 3rd) I always choose a cross. Why? Well you know that your dog is unique, when you walk down the street you know you have something ‘a bit different’

My love for the crossbreed meant that I was asked to judge and sponsor ‘the best crossbreed’ class at a local dog show recently. That was a hard decision as you look at them and love them for different reasons. The best part of course is then having to guess…what mix are they? Fortunately I guessed my winners breeding so a pat on the back for me.

I watched recently the ITV programme Britain’s Favourite Dogs with great interest to see what the latest trends would show. I was delighted to see my favourite the crossbreed come 2nd, well it was never going to beat the labrador now was it!!!

So what can I offer your dog as the friendly pet nurse…well I can clip their nails, give them medication, give them their medicated bath. I can offer you preventative healthcare advice right from the start…even helping you decide …what type of dog would best fit into your lifestyle. So please get in touch if I can help or advise in any way.

The Friendly Pet Nurse, Britains Most Popular Dog Breeds Infographic