Think Outside The Bowl Campaign Launch

Think Outside The Bowl Campaign Image - RectangleI am pleased to announce the launch of my Think Outside The Bowl Campaign!

The aim of the campaign is to help spread the word about the health benefits of feeding your cat using a puzzle feeder rather than a conventional pet food bowl.

Eating out of a bowl day after day is not natural for a cat, when in the wild they would hunt and capture their own food. Puzzle feeding can help replicate the mental & physical stimulation involved in hunting for their own food. A lack of opportunity to reflect their natural predatory/prey behaviour can lead to anxiety, problem behaviours and obesity.

Puzzle feeding can help your cat in so many different ways. Scientific evidence backs claims that using puzzle feeders can: reduce the signs of stress, decrease aggression towards humans & other cats, reduce fear and anxiety, assist with weight loss programmes and reduce unwanted behaviours like inappropriate toileting problems.

What is puzzle feeding?

Puzzle-Feeder-Think-Outside-The-Bowl-The-Friendly-Pet-NursePuzzle feeders are a simple and effective way to challenge cats when getting their food. Cat’s need to use their paws, nose, tongue and jaws or a combination to obtain their food. Different feeders can work with either dry or wet diets, and they can even be home made!

It may take a while for your cat to get used to puzzle feeding, they will need to be introduced slowly whilst cats learn to use them. It is often best to start with a home-made feeder, using a high-value treat reward, before moving on to using your cat’s everyday food and moving away from using a regular bowl altogether.

All cats are individuals so explore the different styles of feeders to identify what they prefer. Offer a variety if you can and rotate them to avoid boredom.

If this all sounds too much then even hiding a few of their current bowls of food around the house can be beneficial.

All cats can participate – elderly, young, blind and three-legged, so why not take steps to start puzzle feeding your cat today!

If you need any advice, please feel free to get in touch, and find me on my Facebook page for updates and information.