Optimizing A Cat’s Environment

Creating the right environment for your cat

Optimizing A Cat’s Environment - The Firendly Pet Nurse - HorshamWhen we chose to share our house with a cat it is important that we are respectful of their needs. We need to be mindful that although many are very adaptable and tolerant of what we expect we should provide an environment that fulfils their emotional and behavioural requirements. It’s not all about a warm cosy house and a full bowl of food. We need to look at all aspects of their everyday life and think ‘what would the cat choose?’ we have to take our needs out of the equation and ‘think cat!’

As more people study and look into feline behaviour certain guidelines have been suggested so that we can provide our cats with a more abundant life. By following these we can ensure that we are providing a life for our cat that should hopefully minimise stress and anxiety. Sadly, stress and anxiety can lead to unwanted problems, disease and relinquishment.

It is important therefore that when we look around our cat’s house, we are ticking all the boxes and giving them an environment that they will embrace. The smallest thing like the position of the food bowl can seem nothing to us however to a cat can mean that stress hormone is raging around their body whilst they engage in eating.

When you decorated your house and brought in lots of new furniture did you realise that all the cats ‘safe havens’ were removed… now where do they go to escape danger?? If you have any inter-cat conflict within the house this can be causing stress to manifest itself and may lead to health issues and behavioural problems in the future. Are the cat’s resources separated to ensure any conflict can be avoided? Cats should feel no competition over any of their resources!

Environment optimisation service

If you would like to ensure that you are providing your cats with an optimal environment, then please get in touch. I now offer a home visit service (if you are too far away a Skype call can be arranged) to have a look at the way that your house is set up and what resources are currently provided. Then we can put together a plan to ensure that we fulfil your cat’s needs. If you would like to know more about this service then please get in touch.