How old is my dog in human years?

The seven year myth

Understandably, many dog owners often wonder how old their dog would be if they aged at the same rate as a human. Are they still in their teenage years? Perhaps they are middle-aged? Or are they already an O.A.P?

A very common myth is that one dog year is equal to seven human years, which would mean you could just multiply your dog’s age by seven. However, this would mean that many dogs live well into their 150’s in human years, which simply is not the case.

So how old are they really?

AsHow Old Is My Dog - Find Out Your Dog's Age In Human Years it turns out, comparing the age of a dog to that of a human is much more complicated than first thought. Over the years it has become apparent that smaller dogs have an increased lifespan than larger breeds, but there can also be variation between breeds of similar sizes.

One reasonably reliable method of comparing dogs ages is by using their body weight as a marker. By doing so, we can divide dogs into small, medium, and large weight groups. For this comparison, a small dog would be anything less than 10kg, medium would be a dog between 10kg – 23kg, and anything over 23kg would be considered large.

Whilst it is still not an exact science, by using this categorisation, it is possible to work out roughly your dog’s age in human years. Use the appropriate column on the chart below to find out just how old your dog is in comparison to you: you might find yourself surprised by the results!

The Friendly Pet Nurse - Your Dog's Age In Human Years