The National Cat Awards 2017 Winners

National Cat Awards 2017The winners of this year’s National Cat Awards have been announced!

The awards, held by feline charity Cats Protection, take place annually and feature multiple categories including Outstanding Rescue Cat, Hero Cat, Most Caring Cat, and Furr-ever Friends.

This year’s overall winner was eight-year-old black and white cat, Genie. Genie was chosen for helping her owner, 12-year-old Evie Henderson, with her battle against bone cancer.

After being diagnosed in March 2016, multiple rounds of chemotherapy caused Evie to start losing her hair. She noticed that Genie’s fur was moulting, which she said helped her feel like she wasn’t alone.

Evie’s strong bond with her feline friend stayed with her during her 300+ days spend in hospital, where she would watch videos of Genie brought along by her parents Tina and Chris.

A star studded event

Genie took the top spot after winning the Outstanding Rescue Cat category at the ceremony, which took place at The Savoy, London. The awards were hosted Alan Dedicoat, known for being the National Lottery announcer on BBC1. The celebrity judges included Paul Copley, Andrew Collins, Stephen Dixon and Anita Dobson.

Winners of other categories included the following –

  • Pixie, winner of the Hero Cat category – Who woke a couple from their sleep when their daughter was choking in her cot.
  • Tilly, winner of the Most Caring Cat category – Who helps support her owner suffering with a painful medical condition.
  • Mittens, winner of the Furr-ever Friends category – Who helps his young, autistic owner cope with a serious medical condition.
  • Spike, winner of the PURINA® Better Together category – Who helps his owner cope with a debilitating disease.

It’s amazing to hear all of the inspirational stories from the owners of these truly incredible cats! A huge congratulations goes out to all of the winners!

You can see more from the night itself in the video below –