Think Outside The Bowl Campaign

Happier and healthier lives for cats with the introduction of puzzle feeding

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Think Outside The Bowl Campaign

I started the Think Outside The Bowl campaign to help spread the word about the health benefits of puzzle feeding.

In the wild a cat will search, hunt, capture and kill their food, which involves mental & physical stimulation. Eating from a pet food bowl everyday is not natural for a cat and can lead to health and behavioural problems. Puzzle feeding can replicate the stimulation provided by hunting in the wild, helping to alleviate issues arising from bowl feeding.

Puzzle feeders are a simple and effective way to challenge cats when getting their food. Cat’s need to use their paws, nose, tongue and jaws or a combination to obtain their food.

Different feeders can work with either dry or wet diets, and they can even be home made!

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Think Outside The Bowl Campaign Launch - Puzzle feeding cats