CFBA Member

The Friendly Pet Nurse is a member of the Canine Feline Behaviour Association

CFBA Member

After much hard work Zoe Blake, The Friendly Pet Nurse, has been accepted as an associate member of the Canine Feline Behaviour Association (CFBA) as a feline behaviourist. This means referrals can be made both independently and from veterinary practice.

Zoe intends to be an active member of the CFBA and it wont be long before clients will be able to claim back on their insurance if they are covered for behaviour consultations.

Zoe says “I feel passionately about cats and their well being and want to educate owners in their understanding of them as a species and how best to enrich their environment.”

You can find The Friendly Pet Nurse on the association website at

If you are interested in Zoe’s cat behaviour services, including home consultations, or are just after someone reliable to take care of your pet whilst you are away, please get in touch today.