Pet Behaviour Training Sussex

Pet Behaviour Specialist in Sussex

Pet Behaviour Training Sussex

Welcome to the Friendly Pet Nurse website. If you are looking for some professional assistance in helping to train or retrain unruly pets, you have come to the right place!

What is Pet Behaviour Training?

The role of a pet behaviour trainer is to help provide expert advice to pet owners whose pets have developed inappropriate behaviour. It is important to note that this is different from standard obedience training offered by other trainers.

What Type of Problems Can Be Addressed?

Some of the behavioural issues that I have been called in to address include such things as aggression towards people, dogs or other animals,
destructiveness, toileting issues, generally inappropriate behaviour and phobias.

About Me

I started my veterinary nurse training in 1992 when I left school at 16.

I qualified in 1996 and have since remained in small animal veterinary practice. In 2000, I became very interested in preventative healthcare and have gained further qualifications including Certificates in both feline and canine friendly nursing.

I also have a strong interest in feline behaviour and am gaining further qualifications all the time.

Cat Behaviour Training

Do you have a problem with inappropriate toileting or urine spraying? Does your cat get regular bouts of cystitis? Then they potentially could be feeling stressed and anxious within their environment.

I will collect a comprehensive history from you, investigate the territory and send you a written report complete with action plan which will hopefully benefit both you and your cat and hopefully help with their problem.

A behaviour consultation at home can often make all the difference.

General Pet Healthcare

Do you have that time of the month when your cat’s wormer and flea treatment are due? Does your dog hate visiting the vets for his regular nail clip??

Let me help you and come to your house and take care of their needs. I can de-matt your cat, express your dogs anal glands and even cut your rabbits claws.

Take the stress away and let me assist.

Contact Me

If you would like any more information about my services designed to improve pet behaviour training Sussex or any of my other services, please give me a call on Tel. No. 01403563279 or via my Google Plus page and I will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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