Feline Services in Southwater, West Sussex

Cat Specialist Services, Southwater

The Friendly Pet Nurse offers a range of pet services for the Southwater area including cat behaviour sessions and in-home cat sitting.

Cat Sitting

Do you hate the idea of sending your cat to the cattery when you go on your holiday? Would you rather your pets stayed at home in their familiar surroundings? The Friendly Pet Nurse can provide the perfect solution.

Zoe can offer professional cat sitting services in and around the Southwater area. As a member of the Canine Feline Behaviour Association (CFBA) specialising in feline behaviour, Zoe understands the needs of your cat and can offer you the peace of mind that your pet is in safe hands whilst you are away.

Zoe can come in and feed, attend litter and give any necessary medication for a few days or a few weeks as required.

Cat Behaviour Training

Do you have a problem with inappropriate toileting or urine spraying? Does your cat get regular bouts of cystitis? Then they potentially could be feeling stressed and anxious within their environment.

Zoe can arrange a home visit to collect a comprehensive history from you, investigate the territory and send you a written report complete with action plan which will hopefully benefit both you and your cat and hopefully help with their problem.

A behaviour consultation at home can often make all the difference.

Other Pet Services in Southwater

As well as cat sitting and behaviour sessions, Zoe can also offer services covering general pet healthcare, from nail clipping to microchipping and more. See the services page or get in touch more information on what’s on offer.