Cat Sitter West Sussex

Professional Cat Sitter In West Sussex

Cat Services Mannings Heath, West SussexBeing in a cattery whilst their owner is away can be a particularly stressful time for a cat. And leaving your beloved pet in a cattery can be a troubling time for the owner too!

The Friendly Pet Nurse can give you peace of mind by taking daily care of your cat in your home whilst you are away.

Not just your regular cat sitter, Zoe Blake is a professionally trained vet nurse who specialises in cat behaviour. She can visit your home once or twice a day, feeding and caring for your cat or cats, and even administering medication or monitoring special diets if required.

Zoe offers her cat sitting service in Horsham, West Sussex, as well as surrounding area including Broadbridge Heath, Warnham, Rusper and Colgate.

Get in touch today to see what Zoe can do for you!

Cat Behaviour

On top of the professional cat sitting service, Zoe also offers services in Cat behaviour.

Perhaps your pet has a problem with inappropriate toileting or urine spraying? Or maybe your cat suffers from regular bouts of cystitis? Then they potentially could be feeling stressed and anxious within their environment.

Zoe can offer a personal service, visiting your home to assess the problem, and guide you on what changes need to be made.

A behaviour consultation at home can make all the difference for an unhappy cat.

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