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Cat Behaviour Training Crawley

Welcome to the Friendly Pet Nurse website, the number of choice for helping to understand and control cat behaviour training Crawley has to offer.

Why do cats do the things they do? I can make cat behaviour training easy, fun and effective. Get answers and guidance for your cat and kittens behavioural issues including: spraying, litter box avoidance, scratching and biting.

The key to successful cat and kitten training is the ability to ensure that whichever behaviour you would like your cat to do is ultimately rewarding and pleasurable for them and whatever you do not want your cat to indulge in, must never be rewarding or fun. With my experience and knowledge, I will be able to help tailor your cat’s behavioural patterns to reach the levels that you would like them to be.

Cat Behaviour

looking after cat behaviour Cat Services Rusper and CrawleyDo you have a problem with inappropriate toileting or urine spraying? Does your cat get regular bouts of cystitis? Then they potentially could be feeling stressed and anxious within their environment.

I will collect a comprehensive history from you, investigate the territory and send you a written report complete with action plan which will hopefully benefit both you and your cat and hopefully help with their problem.

A behaviour consultation at home can often make all the difference.

Taking Care of Your Pets

It is only natural to feel concern about whether your cherished pets will feel abandoned and unloved. As such it is essential to ensure that they will be ok by arranging for them to be looked after at home rather than in a boarding cattery.

I have extensive experience of bringing them love, playing with them and taking care of their needs and requirements during the time that you are away.

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Contact Me

If you would like any more information about my cat behaviour training Crawley services or any of my other services, please give me a call on Tel. No. 01403563279 or via my Google Plus page and I will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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