Are my dogs nails too long??

What happens if your nails are too long? Do they catch on things or worse still rip off?? This is what can happen if your dogs nails are too long and can be extremely sore if they are unlucky enough to rip one off.

There is no one size fits all rule to dogs nails and whether they will require regular clipping. Some dogs who receive lots of exercise may find that frustratingly their nails still need clipping however another dog who doesn’t get out much may be ok. Like us humans some dogs nails grow quicker then others this is especially so when they start to get older.

Sadly arthritis is quite a common finding in older dogs now and so this is another time to consider their nails. Some dogs may not walk as they once did when they were younger and so the nails don’t wear down as they once did. Some dogs get arthritic feet and so their paw shape changes and this can lead to uneven pressure being distributed as they exercise causing some nails not to touch the ground. Long haired dogs with furry feet might find that the nails get buried in the hair and so this acts as a cushion as they walk.

Take a look at your dogs feet today and see what you think……. Such a little thing can prove to be so important in ensuring your dog remains comfortable when out walking. Some dogs are quite sensitive when they have their paws touched and so can make clipping their nails quite a challenge.

It’s important to try and desensitize them to this by slowly

making touching their feet part of everyday handling. It’s best off starting when they are puppies however you know the saying ‘who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?’

If you feel your dog could benefit from a nail trim then please call me today. If they have had a bad experience in the past or they have had an injury and are very sensitive then we can work together to try and overcome that.

Dogs Nail Clipping Before and After