About Me

With Passion for Animals

My Background

I started my nurse training as a young 16 year old freshly out of school and soon discovered the job wasn’t about cuddling animals all day. I studied hard and qualified as a veterinary nurse in 1996 and until this day have remained in small animal veterinary practice (apart from a short break to have my son Jacob).

During my time as a veterinary nurse I have found that my passion lies with preventative healthcare. I have undertaken further study, completed many certificates and have even won awards for my work. It is here that my desire to start my own business started to grow, at first it was just an idea, a thought to how I could educate owners on providing a happy and healthy lifestyle for their pets. I then had the backing and encouragement from a good friend who pushed me to follow my dream.

My Philosophy

I currently have 1 dog and 3 cats and so fully understand the responsibility and commitment it takes to giving your pets a healthy, happy life. Sadly our lifestyles have become quite busy in recent years and so having the opportunity to help someone with their pet by saving a little time and stress can only be a good thing.

I want to share my knowledge and passion with others and help them to understands their pets needs but in a friendly relaxed way.

My Services

Please take a look at my services page to see if I can be of help to you. If you have a dog that shakes as soon as you drive into the vets car park or a cat that will hide at the sight of the basket then I may be your answer. Please also read my useful blogs where I will try and give you some tips and advice to help your pets lead a happy healthy lifestyle.